Words of Caution: Be Careful
Important Words of Caution
When a sudden emergency or illness occurs, many times those involved are overwhelmed and have a difficult time making important decisions.  The ideal time to think about how to handle such an emergency is before it happens, if at all possible.  It is always a good idea to have most of the facts gathered together. This could make your decisions much easier.

On this page, we have put some things together that we hope will make your decision easier if the need for private duty care becomes necessary.  This is wisdom that we have learned during many years in the private duty home health industry.  If you still have more questions or concerns, please feel free to give our office a call and our staff will be glad to talk with you and help you in any way that we can.

Facts That You Should Know
Here are some facts that are very important to know if you or your loved ones are looking for private duty caregivers.  These are also facts most people, not connected with the industry, do not know. 

There are usually 3 ways to obtain private duty caregivers. They are:

1. Hiring "Private Hires" from off the street or from within the community.
2. Hiring a "Nurse Registry" to place caregivers in your home.
3. Hiring a "Private Duty Home Health Agency" to provide you with private duty caregivers.

We will attempt to explain the difference in each of these methods and then we will give you some things to think about when it comes to placing caregivers in your home or the home of a loved one.  Hopefully, this information will give you what you need to make an informed decision.

"Private Hires" are just as the name implies.  They are private individuals that you may hire on your own from the street or from the community to be caregivers in the home.  They work for you.  You become their employer, supervisor, and responsible for their employment tax liabilities, etc..  They also will not have workers' compensation insurance to fall back on if they become injured in your home.  This could leave you liable, unless you choose to cover them with the proper insurance.  This insurance is very expensive.
"Nurse Registries" are companies that sign up caregivers for placement through their service. These caregivers work as independent contractors, so they are not the employee of the "Registry." They are not covered by workers' compensation insurance, and since they are not employees to the company, they do not have taxes withheld and paid on their behalf. You may be told that they are responsible for their own taxes, but if for some reason they do not pay them, this could possibly leave you liable for them, as well as any penalties that have accrued.

"Private Duty Home Health Agencies" are companies that hire qualified caregivers to work as their employees. These caregivers work on a payroll basis and are covered with workers' compensation insurance, liability and bonding, protecting the client as well as the caregiver. Taxes are withheld and paid on their behalf and their social security is matched by the employer. Again, this is protection for the client. The agency supplies them with the progressive training that is mandated by the Agency For Health Care Administration and they are fully supervised by licensed nurses that work for the agency. This is certainly the safest scenario when private duty care is needed. It is the safest way to go for both the client and the caregiver.

Important Questions to Ask Yourself
Here are some questions that we will toss your way to help you make the best decision about a very important matter.

Remember, private duty care means that you will have a stranger in your home or the home of your loved one.

  • How would you select a caregiver? In an emergency situation, would you have the time and resources to check out the credentials of the caregiver(s)?

  • How would you know if the caregiver(s) is capable of performing the necessary tasks of caring for someone in a professional manner? Could you be sure they have had the proper training?

  • Would you be comfortable with them in your home with your valuables? Are they bonded? What about Criminal Background Screenings?

  • What if something is damaged or broken? What about liability insurance?

  • Here's a good one..... What if a worker gets injured in your home? Would your home-owner's insurance get stuck with the bill? What about lost wages? What about workers' compensation insurance?

  • Who would personnel turn to if there is a problem? Would there be an RN or LPN to call?

  • Would personnel receive the necessary, on-going training? What about the most up-to-date techniques in home health care?

  • Who would oversee the health of the personnel? What about regular physicals andTB tests?

  • What about call-outs due to illness, etc.? What about no-shows? Who would fill the shifts if a call-out or a no-show occurs?

These are just a few of the many issues to consider when choosing the health care personnel to work in your home or the home of a loved one. These are very real issues, and they do arise from time to time.

At A Moment's Notice Health Care, the issues that were mentioned on the preceding pages are all taken care of for you. They are built into the service that we provide. You will have enough to deal with. There is not a need for you to contend with the scheduling of personnel and the many other details that go along with it.

You are protected and we do the staffing for you.
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